December 31st, 1973 - October 28th, 1997

Rest in Peace Little Brother


Here is a picture taken sometime in 1990, or there abouts, when Scott and Sandra were still in High School, and we were all still living in Copperas Cove. There is Dad, Mom, Sandra, Scott, Myself, Greg, Greg's wife Kim, my ex-wife Helen, and her daughter Lanae.

This was taken in the summer of '95. In the picture is Dad, Mom, Grandma, Aunt Nande', Greg, Kim, and my nephew Chris.

Here is one taken of Scott and Sandra when they were in elementary school. Good looking pair they are.

Here is another of Scott and Sandra when they were in Junior High School......

This was taken at Copperas Cove's annual Rabbit Fest a few years back...... Dad, Greg, Scott, myself, and our nephew Chris....The Bickel Boys. There is a story behind this one... We had several copies of this photo made, but they were not copies. They were all originals, and in each one Chris is in a different position. Scott thought very highly of our nephew Chris, and was thrilled to be an Uncle. Now there has been another addition to the Family. Chris has a little brother now, named Ryan. You will see him further down the page.

Here is one pic that was taken near Mom and Dad's house in the Spring of '96. I believe it was at Sears in The Woodlands Mall. In it are all four of us kids. Scott, Sandra, Greg, and Me.

This one was taken in July '97. Mom, Dad, Scott, and Sandra were vacationing in Michigan. They went to our Family Reunion.

Here they are taking a break. I think it was a Dutch Village, or something like that they were visiting. Greg and his Family also came down to Michigan from Maine. Greg was taking this with his video-cam. Here is Mom, Sandra, and Scott setting down, with Dad in the rear standing.

Here are a couple very Special pictures. I put these two pics together to illustrate just how much of a resemblence Scott is to his older brother Greg. In the first Pic, Scott is holding Greg's newest son Ryan..who was only weeks old at the time....and the second is of Greg holding Chris minutes after he was born..... Greg and Scott are very much alike, not only in resemblence, but personalities as well.

Here is the picture I had mentioned on the previous page. Scott took this of a Family reuniting after Desert Storm. The picture was taken during the arrival of Troops to Fort Hood from the Persian Gulf. Scott won several awards with this picture, and it was taken while he was in high School in Copperas Cove.

Here is a picture of Scott in his TDCJ uniform. He is setting at Mom and Dad's dining room table eating dinner before heading to work. He worked for approximately 4 years on Death Row, back when it was housed on Ellis Unit. Scott worked only a couple miles away from where Mom and Dad worked at the Estelle Unit. Mom still works at the Estelle Unit, while Dad has retired. They still live only a few miles from where they did when Scott was alive.

Pat @ Lake LBJ Overlook - 2009

It has been almost 12 years since Scott left us, and on one hand it seems like yesterday..even though it has been 12 long years. This photo was taken of me in the summer of 2009, by Shawn Camp (a friend of Scott's as well). Scott liked motorcycles, and in fact rode one in the early 90's that Shawn bought, and then I restored and sold to him. Shawn and I used to ride to Huntsville to go riding with Scott, and we had a blast...and Scott learned the ropes pretty easily. Scott rode with me to Abilene one time...after he had ridden to Copperas Cove, from Huntsville. We had a good ride, visited Norman Blanchette and his family, and then headed back to Cove. Scott rode motorcycles not only for inexpensive transportation, but also because he just liked to ride. I rode over 5,000 miles the summer of 2009, after finishing a tour in Iraq. I rode not only for my enjoyment, but I also rode for all my brothers in arms who didn't return, I rode for the feeling of freedom, and I rode to clear my mind, and Scott was with me every mile. Every time I here "Cowboys Like Us" by George Strait, I think of those good times. We'll ride again someday.


This is one of the last pictures to be taken of Scott. It is a pic of him and Carrie. Scott had driven to Illinois to visit her, and spent his last weekend with her. I have been in contact with her, and Greg has too. She is a sweet girl, and I am glad for Scott that he had made such a good friend in such a short time.

Here is a picture of Sandra (and Dad and I) taken on Sandra's Graduation day at Sam Houston State here in Huntsville in December of 1997. We are all very proud of her. This is pre-TDCJ for me as well...(I miss my beard and hair)

I would like to close with a poem written by Carrie Lee, the girl Scott went to visit the last weekend before his accident. I think it is a nice poem, and think you will like it too. Feel free to use it, but please give credit to Carrie Lee. I think she did a fine job writing it. I would also like to thank you for visiting this page. I felt I needed to do these pages, and feel better for having done them. I know Scott would have liked them also. Again, Thank You for stopping by, and God Bless.

Pat Bickel

Poem by Carrie Lee

So many things rush in and out of my life,
but everything reminds me of you.
I miss you so much,
and I know you are with me and

I am not alone!

Sweet sounds of birds chirping,
rain falling overhead,
sunny days of Springtime,
just a message,
a call from you,
to tell me,

I am not alone!

The faint smell of winters snow,
light wispers of wind on my face,
the sound of children playing,
just a thought, a voice from above,
a pleasant feeling, knowing

I am not alone!

The Memories I have of you,
the new stories from Family and Friends,
what I am missing, and what I have learned anew,

What a life,.........  You! 

Carrie Lee,  1997

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